Our Journey to Hungary

Our Journey to Hungary

Read about Marylin Ball-Brown & Gene Brown, their journey, how they retired to Hungary and the challenges they overcame.

We married in March of 1980 in the Pacific NW. Shortly after, Marylin had to have emergency surgery which put an end to any hope of having children of our own.

During our marriage we traveled a lot and were fascinated by other cultures. We decided to begin hosting foreign exchange students to fill the childless void. Starting out with a Japanese short stay exchange program, we hosted 25 students, who stayed with us from 4-8 weeks at a time. We decided that this type of program was unfulfilling due to the short time we spent with the students. We decided to host full year students so we could have more time to get to know them. Over the years we hosted 10 full-year students and became very close with them, their friends, and their families.

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By Marylin Ball-Brown & Gene Brown