Understanding cultures, the culture of understanding

Understanding cultures, the culture of understanding - an expat interview

Interview with Katalin Juhos-Lockefeer, an internationally known and acclaimed trainer, management coach, founder and owner of Borealis Partners.

Csenger is a picturesque small town in North East Hungary with less than 6,000 inhabitants, and is the birthplace of several outstanding scientists and artists. My interviewee, Katalin Juhos-Lockefeer, also comes from here. Hailing from Csenger, she has since occupied managerial positions in companies such as Reuters.

Even today, she gives intercultural training to international top managers. Her name is also tied to the structural development of numerous multinational companies.

When we met at a small café in Pest, it was impossible not to notice Katalin when she entered. Her energy, directness, natural and assertive manner make you even unintentionally want to learn as much as possible about and from her.

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By E.M.