Check out these interviews to get inspired or informed. Residents of a country definitely know best. If you’re looking to move to or start a business in the CEE region watch these videos to learn from them.

See interviews with business owners to learn about the culture shocks and surprises they encountered when first starting business in Hungary. This can help you determine what sort of business you want to start, or how you will structure it. Learn more about Inter Relocation by hearing from our owner, Stuart McAlister.

In terms of simply starting a life in a new place, each country definitely has its own challenges. Find out about what to expect through these interviews. Hear from film directors, actors, expats from the UK, and health experts for a variety of interesting stories and sources of inspiration. Whether you’ve already settled in the CEE region or are thinking of doing so these people have much to share.

As we shared with you last year, Inter Relocation’s owner was once an aspiring musician; so when new Budapest-based band Tuesday Night Rodeo, contacted him to talk about corporate sponsorship, they received a friendly reception. Inter Relocation has taken the decision to continue this fruitful cooperation throughout 2017.

We talked to lead singer Terry Etheridge and Inter Relocation’s owner,

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Interview with Katalin Juhos-Lockefeer, an internationally known and acclaimed trainer, management coach, founder and owner of Borealis Partners.

Csenger is a picturesque small town in North East Hungary with less than 6,000 inhabitants, and is the birthplace of several outstanding scientists and artists. My interviewee, Katalin Juhos-Lockefeer, also comes from here. Hailing from Csenger, she has since occupied managerial positions … Continue Reading