Latest update on Hungary entry regulations


We would like to give you an update on the recent regulations valid for entering Hungary. The below is a summary of the Government Decrees 408/2020 and 407/2020.

As you can read about this in the media, border control is temporarily reinstated on all borders, the earlier introduced categorisation of countries by level of spread of Covid-19 infection is no longer applicable.

Regulations are not applicable to:

  • Freight Transportation activities
  • Entry with official (not private) passports
  • Persons showing proof of having recovered from Covid-19 infection within 6 months

Non-Hungarian citizens may not enter Hungary, with the following exceptions.

Non-Hungarian citizens may request an exemption from the travel ban through the National Police HQ by filling an online form. Your Inter Relocation consultant can assist with this process.

Non-Hungarian citizens who meet the below criteria or who hold the below mentioned residence documents are treated as Hungarian citizens:

  1. Persons with permanent residence cards (ÁTK, állandó tartózkodási kártya)
  2. Persons holding a residence permit entitling them to stay more than 90 days

NOTE: it is not specifically written in the law, but as per our understanding and as per the police portal, holders of a granted D visa are allowed to enter, too:

„persons holding a valid residence permit issued by the aliens policing authority allowing for the residence in Hungary for a duration exceeding 90 days and presents this document upon entry (“D” type visa is equivalent);”

However the website of the police also mentions that at the time of the border control the officer has the right to request proofs of the D visa, based on what it was issued (accommodation, insurance, financial background, purpose of stay)

Source 1

Source 2

  1. EU/EEA citizens holding a registration and an address card
  2. Athletes, sports experts, sports associations’ delegated/assigned persons returning from foreign sporting events.

Hungarian citizens and their non-Hungarian citizen relatives may enter Hungary, considering the following:

  • If a medical examination shows the possibility of a Covid-19 infection, the person is placed in official home quarantine for 14 days.
  • One may prematurely exit quarantine (with the permission of the epidemic authority) if two negative Covid-19 tests within 5 days, with a difference of at least 48 hours are presented. If the first of the two tests was made in Canada, USA or one of the Schengen countries, it is also accepted; though the certificate has to be issued either in English or Hungarian

The business travel exemption is no longer limited to travels of employees and chief officers of joint venture companies having interests in both Hungary and abroad. The regulations now also allow Hungarian citizens returning to Hungary from a business trip, and non-Hungarian citizens arriving to Hungary for business reasons to enter without limitations (that is, without quarantine, testing requirements, or a total ban on entry). Such persons have to carry proof of their purpose of entry. Should any doubt arise about the validity of such proof, the general limitations shall apply.

Commuting is allowed within 30 km distance of the border, one may enter Hungary for a 24 hour period.

Transiting can be arranged as follows: one may transit Hungary within 24 hours via designated routes and may only stop at designated resting points.

There are special regulations for military convoys.

As of 5th of September a new exception is included in the regulations:

employees of Hungarian cultural institutions returning from cultural events abroad where they participated as performers or technical personnel are treated as Hungarian citizens.

Special regulations for sporting and cultural events:

  • participants of sporting events organised in Hungary (excluding spectators), persons personally invited to such events by the organisers in writing, competitors holding a competition permit, sports professionals, persons participating in the implementation of the sporting event, performers and technical personnel of cultural events organised in Hungary are allowed to enter if they present two negative Covid tests (within 5 days with 48 hour difference, or a test not older than 3 days)
  • spectators of sporting events and cultural events organised in Hungary are allowed to enter if they present a negative Covid test not older than 3 days and the valid tickets for the given event. and they may be obliged to subject themselves to medical examination. They may not enter if they show symptoms of the Covid-19 disease, or they fail to present valid tickets for the event, or the validity of the presented tickets is doubtful. They have to leave Hungary within 72 hours.

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