Important information on travelling to Hungary


Important information about  the details of the regulation (81/2020) which is now in place as of today and is related to travel to Hungary. 

Citizens of the below listed countries are allowed to travel here expressly for business reasons:

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Poland
  3. South Korea
  4. Federal Republic of Germany
  5. Republic of Austria
  6. Slovak Republic
  7. Japan

At the time of entry one needs to prove that the sending company and the receiving company are connected companies based on law 1996. LXXXI 4. § 23.

Based on the information received from the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing, assuming the citizens of the above mentioned countries are able to successfully enter Hungary and have the relevant documentation, they can start their residence document applications via the portal of the authority too.

Travel to Hungary is also allowed to those EU/EEA citizens, who  are entitled to permanently reside here and hold a permanent residence card. EU/EEA citizens who do not hold a permanent residence card and non-EU citizens who hold a residence permit or permanent residence permit, may make a special request to re-enter Hungary via an online portal provided by the Hungarian police. It is our understanding that for EU/EEA citizens such requests are generally accepted.

Here is a link to the portal (it’s in Hungarian only):

On the site, the option “Államhatáron történő beutazáshoz méltányossági kérelem” category needs to be selected,without registering. Inter Relocation is happy to assist with making such an application. Contact us for more information.

Special personal conditions which can be considered for entry, in case the applicant can justify them:

  1. a) the need to attend court in Hungary by providing official documentation
  2. b) the need for business travel, justified by an invitation letter issued by a state institution
  3. c) the need to enter Hungary for medical treatment
  4. d) the need to sit a school exam connected to active student status and this being justified by the educational institute
  5. e) the need to travel connected with transportation, to enable the person to get to the starting point of the transportation task or to return home, this being proven by an employer certificate
  6.  f ) the need to attend a funeral of a close family member
  7.  g) other

Supporting documents need to be attached to the request.


Currently we have no experience of how exactly this will work (what documentation is requested to justify connected companies). We also understand that in the event that if a person arrives at the border with insufficient paperwork that they may still be allowed entry into the country, but subject to a compulsory 14-day quarantine.

As soon as we receive further information on this, we will notify you. We also suggest that before any citizen travels to Hungary, they contact their own border authority, to check if there are currently any restrictions on returning to their home country.


The key point is that citizens of the above listed countries can now travel to Hungary, if they can provide information proving the connection between their home country company and the company they are going to work at in Hungary, they should be allowed in without the need for any quarantine. We can then carry out any destination and immigration services that are ordered.