Spousal Job Search Support: Tailored Career Planning

Expat Services: Spousal Job Search Support, tailored career planning

Inter Relocation recently added spousal job search support, also known simply as spousal support, to its service mix.

That sounds very exciting, you might be thinking. But what does spousal job search support actually involve and why would anyone want to make use of this service?

Across the globe, more than 50% of couples are now dual-income so when one spouse is offered a position abroad, it is increasingly important that the other has the opportunity to continue their career too. That goal is more easily planned than delivered, particularly in a region such as Central and Eastern Europe.

This support programme provides working spouses with career support to help them prepare for a job search in the country they are moving to. Services include a job search plan, CV development, a social media profile, networking and interviewing coaching, and more.

Helping the spouse prepare for their job search leads to less stress for the family, increased income in all likelihood, and more satisfaction with the relocation overall. When the working spouse is able to find a rewarding career in the host country, there is less chance of the relocation failing.

A tailored spousal job search support for all career levels

This service is ideal for all spouses who plan to work in the destination country. An experienced Career Coach collaborates with the spouse to prepare them for the cultural nuances of conducting a job search in a foreign country. If employment is not an option due to Visa restrictions, the Career Coach recommends alternative career paths, education/training options, and volunteer options to ensure the spouse maintains his/her skills.

One example is Tripti. She completed her first international relocation when her husband was relocated by his company. Tripti worked in the legal and education fields prior to her relocation.

She was unable to continue in her career path in the host country, but by working closely with her Career Coach, she analyzed her strengths and interests and explored new career opportunities. This enabled her to completely reinvent her career.

The spousal job search support programme provided her with:

  • A thorough assessment of her experience, skills, and career interests
  • Research on online courses related to her target goal
  • Connections to like-minded people in the new area
  • Networking coaching on techniques and tips
  • Career continuation support to ensure her skills remained up-to-date
  • Volunteer opportunity identification based on her goal

The coaching and resources Tripti received enabled her to launch a new career in advocating for individuals with disabilities.

“I am glad I had spousal job search support throughout the transition,” says Tripti. “My coach was the catalyst who helped me find a new career path in a foreign country. Settling into the new area was easy for me thanks to the support I received. My coach encouraged me to think differently and be more open to new ideas.”

Programme Details

This service provides one-on-one career coaching for job seekers at all levels in their career. Interested in this service? Here’s what you will receive:

  • One-on-one Career Coach (matched specifically to an individual’s needs and based on the destination country)
  • CV/ Résumé and Cover Letter Development
  • Interview Review and Recording with Career Coach
  • Networking Assistance with Target Companies
  • Customised Job Search Research Support
  • Social Media Guidance
  • Proactive Strategy for Targeting Companies

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