Inter Relocation’s Company Owner Takes the Spotlight on The EuRApean Magazine Cover: Summer 2023 Edition

Inter Relocation's Company Owner Joins the Spotlight with Mobility Light Orchestra on The EuRApean Magazine Cover: Summer 2023 Edition

What’s the story behind our company owner gracing the cover of The EuRApean magazine’s Summer 2023 issue? It’s an intriguing tale of musical collaboration with a twist!

Stuart McAlister, our esteemed owner, had a unique opportunity to be part of The Mobility Light Orchestra (MLO) – EuRA’s first global mobility music group.

As a guest singer, he joined talented professionals from various backgrounds to create a captivating experience. Let’s delve into the journey that led to this remarkable collaboration!

The Vision: A Band Like No Other

At the EuRA conference in Seville, the seeds of an extraordinary band were sown. Inigo Lopez from BiCortex Languages & Translations and Maximiliano Cao from CSM Globals shared a vision of forming a band that would unite music enthusiasts within the global mobility community. Thus, The Mobility Light Orchestra (MLO) was born, a band comprising musicians from diverse backgrounds and countries, each passionate about music and mobility.

Challenges and Trust: Mobility Light Orchestra at EuRA

With the daunting task of assembling musicians scattered across the globe, MLO faced numerous challenges. However, the support of EuRA, especially Sophie Rehberg from the EuRA board, boosted their spirits. The band was graciously invited to perform at the Gala Dinner of the EuRA Conference in Dublin, signifying the trust and belief in MLO’s unique musical journey.

Harmonizing the Ensemble: The Musicians of MLO

The MLO lineup boasts a constellation of talent. Diego Vozza leads as the band’s charismatic singer, while Maximiliano Cao showcases his drumming prowess. Christian Ward provides the soulful rhythm on bass, and Gavin Carruthers adds electrifying energy on guitar and backing vocals. John D’Ambrogio captivates with his keyboard melodies, while Luciano Basilico provides essential technical support and backing tracks all the way from Argentina.

Moreover, as a guest singer, Stuart McAlister, the esteemed owner of Inter Relocation, lent his captivating voice, while Alistair Murray from Packimpex joined as a guest drummer, enriching the band’s exceptional musical journey.

Rehearsals and the Magic of Music

MLO faced the challenge of coordinating rehearsals across borders. Despite the constraints, their passion and commitment never wavered. The band members rehearsed individually, each investing their heart and soul into perfecting their parts. The final rehearsal just 24 hours before the big night in Dublin brought a sense of togetherness and ignited excitement for what was to come.

The Unforgettable Performance: Enchanting the Audience

As the night of the performance arrived, Dublin was set ablaze with MLO’s enthralling music. The band’s infectious energy captured hearts within seconds, drawing the audience to the dance floor in an irresistible sway. Stuart McAlister, alongside the guest musicians, embraced the stage with sheer confidence, delivering a remarkable performance that left an indelible mark.

Mobility Light Orchestra at EuRA

A Harmonious Future: MLO’s Journey Continues

The success of MLO’s performance in Dublin echoed beyond the Gala Dinner, earning them an invitation to perform at the next Global conference in Vilamoura. With new surprises in the works, MLO is poised to create an unforgettable experience once again. The band’s harmonious journey stands as a testament to the power of unity, passion, and creativity within the relocation industry.

In Celebration of a Beautiful Fusion

Stuart McAlister’s musical collaboration with the Mobility Light Orchestra epitomizes the beautiful fusion of passion, talent, and camaraderie within the relocation community. As the band continues to create soul-stirring music, their journey is a testament to the magic that unfolds when professionals unite around shared passions.

Inter Relocation, with its esteemed owner shining on the cover of The EuRApean magazine, stands as a beacon of excellence and inspiration within the global mobility sphere. As we celebrate this harmonious symphony of talent, we eagerly await the next chapter in the musical odyssey of the Mobility Light Orchestra.

Mobility Light Orchestra team (Dublin 2023):

  • Inigo Lopez, BiCortex Languages & Translations (EMCEE)
  • Diego Vozza (lead singer)
  • Maximiliano CAO, CSM Global (drums)
  • Christian Ward, Missing Link (bass)
  • Gavin Carruthers, K2 Corporate Mobility (guitar and backing vocalist)
  • John D’Ambrogio, Properties Chicago (keyboards)
  • Luciano Basilico, virtually from Argentina (technical support and backing tracks)
  • Stuart McAlister, Inter Relocation (guest singer)
  • Alistair Murray, Packimpex (guest drummer)