Embracing the Global Employee Programme for Talent Management Excellence: Interview with Edit McAlister

Embracing the Global Employee Programme for Talent Management Excellence: Interview with Edit McAlister

Did you know who was one of the first participants in the Global Employee Programme?

Edit McAlister, Marketing Director of Inter Relocation, is featured in the Summer 2023 issue of EuRApean magazine. We were intrigued by her story and sat down with Edit for an in-depth talk, exploring her transforming journey as a programme member and digging into her important views on talent management.

How did you first become involved with the Global Employee Programme?

I first learned about the Global Employee Programme in 2019. Initially, I figured it was only for relocation professionals, but Blue Relocation needed someone with knowledge in global mobility marketing, which piqued my curiosity. As Inter Relocation’s Marketing Director, I was keen to participate in this cutting-edge endeavour. It was a wise option that benefited my career development.

What was the most effective part of the Global Employee Programme in your opinion?

Witnessing the power of collaborative expertise in the digital era was the most engaging element. In the midst of an ever-changing technological world, the programme emphasised the timeless reality that a cohesive team of smart individuals is the key to success. The Global Employee Programme established a collaborative atmosphere that highlighted each team member’s unique talents, resulting in innovative solutions and growth.

Global Employee Programme for Talent Management Excellence

Edit discovered a warm city vibe in Munich that echoed the inviting work environment.

Throughout the programme, you had the opportunity to work with visionaries such as Markus Demuth.

It was incredibly inspiring to work alongside innovators like Markus Demuth. His counsel and mentoring enabled me to widen my thoughts on personnel management and marketing. Furthermore, working with people like Steffen Keller exposed me to new and inventive ways to develop.

What do you believe you contributed professionally in exchange for your stay in Munich with Blue Relocation?

The Global Employee Programme, in my opinion, is a two-way street. As a participant with a marketing and communications background, I specialised in strategic global mobility marketing, which included both communication and digital aspects. My contribution included sharing ideas that created a few “aha” moments among my peers by presenting a fresh viewpoint on the relocation sector. To be honest, I think it would be a good idea to ask Markus and Steffen for their thoughts on this point.

Do you think the Global Employee Programme helps relocation professionals move beyond their existing experience?

Even though participants originate from comparable cultural backgrounds, the programme acts as a professional exchange as well as a cultural interchange. It exposes us to various management techniques and work ethics, delivering crucial insights on what practices we may and may not adopt. These experiences, which may not necessarily be negative examples – everyone handles pressure differently – contribute to the creation and enrichment of our own unique professional styles.

What difference does the Global Employee Programme make compared to working in a different country?

A lot. While I currently work in an international environment, working as an expat often involves committing to a specific country for extended periods, sometimes years. In contrast, the Global Employee Programme offers a more dynamic experience, exposing participants to different approaches in shorter time frames and potentially across multiple locations. It provides the unique opportunity for on-the-job learning and talent management simultaneously. In many cases, this hands-on approach proves to be even more effective and enriching than traditional training sessions.

Getting involved with the Global Employee Programme

Edit happily discovered that Blue Relocation had a pet-friendly office, much like Inter Relocation’s.

Beyond professional development, did the program impact your personal growth as well?

The Global Employee Programme extends beyond just honing professional skills; it enriches personal growth as well. The delicate balance it strikes empowers individuals to become better versions of themselves. I found it to be a refreshing antidote to professional fatigue, reigniting my passion and rejuvenating a sense of purpose in what I do.

The ability to immerse myself in different cultures was quite beneficial. It seemed like I was going on an exciting journey, with each contact adding a brilliant shade to my professional tapestry. This experience emphasised the significance of cultural sensitivity and understanding in our interdependent society. It’s a viewpoint that has since changed my approach to work, allowing me to connect on a deeper level with clients and colleagues.

Looking back on your Global Employee Programme journey, what are the most cherished memories and connections you’ve formed?

The connections I formed with peers from various backgrounds have blossomed into friendships and a valuable support network. The bonds we forged during the journey continue to shape our collective approach to work and life, and for that, I am immensely grateful.

As you move forward, what are your aspirations in talent management and global mobility marketing?

My aspirations in talent management revolve around fostering a cohesive and empowered team within Inter Relocation. It’s essential for every individual to feel valued and motivated to contribute their best. As for global mobility marketing, I’m excited to explore innovative strategies that resonate with our clients, enhancing their relocation experiences and solidifying our position as industry leaders.

I’m eager to see how the Global Employee Programme continues to inspire others and shape the future of talent management and global mobility.