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Homelessness is a growing crisis in Hungary, as it is in many places around the world, particularly due to the current pandemic and the economic troubles that it causes. Here at Inter Relocation we have always tried to give a little something back to the local community and we were already aware of Utcáról Lakásba! Egyesület (ULE for short, meaning From Street to Home Association) via one of our wonderful team members, who already did everything she could to support this charity.

It’s through our colleague we came to hear about Móni earlier this year. Móni had been homeless for some time and was living in a tent. She had asked the assistance of Adj Munkát Csoport (the Provide Jobs Group) to help her find work and through ULE she came to us as our office cleaner.

Móni’s story

The team immediately took to Móni, she is full of life and clearly enjoys her work and being with us for a few hours a week. As the team grew to know her, they started to ask her, delicately, about her circumstances. She explained how she came to be homeless and what she is now doing to try to get back on her own two feet with a roof over her head. Some colleagues asked her if she needed anything and she accepted some clothes and bedding, and one of the team took it upon themselves to buy Móni lunch on the day when she cleans.

What was clear is that it is extremely hard to get sufficient work when one lives in a tent, to be able to earn enough to pay the first month’s rent and security deposit on an apartment or even a room. ULE was working as hard as possible to find Móni a place to live but with winter approaching the Inter Relocation team got together and decided that we can’t wait any longer.

A roof above her head

In one of those weird moments of serendipity, the very day we started to look for apartment options for Móni, one of our colleagues was approached by an acquaintance who had an apartment to rent. It was not in a typical expat location, but the very friendly rental fee made our colleague think that it could be right for Móni. Rapid discussions took place, the upshot of which being that Inter Relocation committed to paying the first two months’ rent. Móni actually moved into her new home around two weeks ago and we’re delighted to report that she is doing really well.

The story doesn’t end there, however.

Móni has a roof over her head but doesn’t yet earn enough to pay her rent on her own. The plan is to get her social housing by the spring but somehow we still need to cover her rent for four months.

We have never turned to our Budapest Expats community and asked for support with charitable donations but we feel this is a worthy cause that helps at least one person get back to the kind of life we are so grateful for. Maybe then we can help another person, and another.

Help Móni for her better future

So how can you help? It’s simple, either transfer funds to ULE or click on the following link and make a donation. As little as 1,000 Ft could really help a young woman to stay safe and warm this winter:

Donations via Adjukössze:


‼️ It is extremly important to write in the comment section “Albérleti támogatás” or “rental donation”. ‼️

To make a donation by bank transfer:

Account holder: Utcáról Lakásba! Egyesület

Magnet Bank, 16200151-18523939

IBAN: HU35 1620 0151 1852 3939 0000 0000


On behalf of Móni we thank you for any support you can spare. We’ll of course update you on the progress we make.

Inter Relocation is proud to be co-sponsoring a Relaxation Station at the upcoming EuRA conference in Munich

Inter Relocation, together with two of  its strategic partners, is sponsoring a Relaxation Station at the upcoming EuRA conference in Munich. Conference participants are encouraged to take a break from their busy weeks to get a professional chair massage from one of the two expert therapists. Massages are free of charge but anyone taking advantage of this indulgence is encouraged to make a donation of at least €20 to EuRA’s chosen charity for 2019.

Come and find the Relaxation Station at the rear of the exhibit hall, in front of the staircase. Take a well-deserved rest and help us raise money for a good cause!

Inter Relocation and Charity

Inter Relocation is a proud holder of the EuRA Global Quality Seal. This industry recognised quality standard commits Inter Relocation to charitable activity as a part of its overall CSR strategy. In 2018 Inter Relocation’s charity activity included purchasing a digital infusion pump for the paediatrics department of a hospital in southern Hungary and to purchase a signed Liverpool FC shirt at the EuRA charity auction in Dubrovnik.

Inter Relocation takes the stress out of the EuRA conference

In 2019 Inter Relocation will continue to support sick and under privileged children in Hungary via its partnership with the Robert Burns International Foundation. Inter Relocation is also committed to working with EuRA again to ensure it raises the most money it can for its chosen charity for 2019, a multi-lingual language support service for immigrants.