Inter Relocation Co-Worker Will Run Charity Half Marathon

Inter Relocation Co-Worker Will Run Charity Half Marathon

We’re so proud to announce that as a ‘Running Ambassador’ for Utcáról Lakásba! Egyesület (‘From Huts to Homes’ Organisation) our colleaugue, Viktória Rácz will participate in the K&H Half Marathon relay race which will take place on the 10th of June in Budapest.

Her goal is to collect 100,000 HUF for the organisation with the help of individual sponsors. The money will go to giving a homeless couple a fresh start with a roof over their heads. The organisation’s goal is to help the largest possible number of rough sleepers to move into affordable rental housing. They renovate run-down municipal apartments with the help of volunteers (Viktória is a volunteer there, too). Homeless families who will be able to move into the apartments also participate.

Click HERE for direct donation.

About the organization:

“Since beginning our work in 2012 we have been helping homeless persons move into renovated municipal flats. We renovate vacant, run-down municipal dwellings with the help of volunteers. The prospective tenants, civil society organisations, and individual and organisational donations also help. Members of the target group have no chance of ever obtaining long term, sustainable individual housing in any other way. This is because homeless persons are ineligible for municipal rental housing according to the vast majority of municipal decrees. At the same time, municipalities often have a low quality housing stock with many dilapidated, even uninhabitable flats, which they have trouble utilizing. This may also be the case for many privately owned apartments;therefore we recently began working on finding innovative ways to utilize private dwellings in affordable housing provision.

This way tenants can exit homelessness, for which they hardly have any other chance. Intensive social work, based on the Housing First approach, is a fundamental part of our work, in which stable housing is considered the first step in social reinsertion. The goal is to help clients retain their housing in the long run, for which we identify employment opportunities, and in some cases even offer jobs to our tenants. Some of our clients had no regular income whatsoever upon moving in their new housing, and today they are able to cover their bills on time.”

Source: ‘From Huts to Homes’ Organisation website