Many older individuals are making the decision to retire to the CEE region. There are several persuasive reasons to commit to this major life decision. Many people justify their move because of financial reasons. While others move because of cultural preferences or a need for adventure. Find them detailed in these articles.

Hearing from other retirees who have made the transition can help you prepare for the challenges with government regulations and language difficulties that you might encounter. It can also teach you what the keys to success are and what you can do to prepare to make the transition easier. In addition, it can help you understand what sort of life changes to expect, both good and bad.

Get informed about why you might be better off in the CEE region than your home country. Learn how to prepare for the move. Read stories from couples and individuals who have already made the move. In addition to finding out why you should move these articles also contain information about things to do when you arrive.

The new Hungarian law relating to Brexit has now been published. Hereby we are sharing a summary of how this law impacts UK citizens:

For UK citizens and their third country citizen relatives, due to Brexit, for residence and employment procedures started after 1st January 2021 – with the exception of circumstances listed below – Immigration compliance laws related Continue Reading

Our Journey to Hungary

Read about Marylin Ball-Brown & Gene Brown, their journey, how they retired to Hungary and the challenges they overcame.

We married in March of 1980 in the Pacific NW. Shortly after, Marylin had to have emergency surgery which put an end to any hope of having children of our own.

During our marriage we traveled a lot and were fascinated … Continue Reading

The business of getting legal residence in Hungary is, in simple terms, easy if you’re a European Union, European Economic Area  (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or Swiss citizen and not necessarily so easy if you’re not. Let’s see what non-residents of the old continent have to deal with.

8. September 2013 – by Stuart McAlister in Budapest Times

The business of getting legal residence in Hungary is easy if you’re an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen. For non-residents of the old continent, it is not so simple.

Work Permit

The obtainment of a work permit through your employer is the first step to gaining legal status. After this, … Continue Reading

Retire to Hungary? Why Not?

When the time comes to retire will you be ready to live in the same country in which you have always lived? Can you afford your house payments on just your retirement income? How about renting an apartment in the middle of town? Payments, upkeep and maintenance on your car(s)? Food, utilities, entertainment? As costs increase, your fixed retirement income

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