The art and culture of the CEE region boasts a quality parallel to that of Paris and Vienna. In Hungary alone the underrated art scene is sure to impress you. Budapest contains an art gallery on nearly every corner, some featuring historical art and others modern art. Contemporary visual artists work in Budapest and other parts of Hungary, while the work of past artists is displayed and preserved in galleries across the city. Whether you are a fan of historical artefacts, photography, or the fine arts, Hungary will have something for you.

In addition, residents can enjoy the theatre scene which offers high-quality entertainment at reasonable prices. It includes English language productions or translated versions with English subtitles. Performances take place at one of the several spectacular theatre venues across the country. The Budapest Opera House features some of the best acoustics in the world. Regular performances by Hungary’s many talented musicians happen year-round, with a variety of styles available, including classical, traditional, and contemporary pieces.

As we shared with you last year, Inter Relocation’s owner was once an aspiring musician; so when new Budapest-based band Tuesday Night Rodeo, contacted him to talk about corporate sponsorship, they received a friendly reception. Inter Relocation has taken the decision to continue this fruitful cooperation throughout 2017.

We talked to lead singer Terry Etheridge and Inter Relocation’s owner,

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The life of a successful musician is one many aspire to. The live performances, days in the studio, the groupies, who wouldn’t like to have that life? Believe it or not, Inter Relocation’s company owner used to be an aspiring musician himself; so when new Budapest-based band Tuesday Night Rodeo contacted him to talk about possible corporate sponsorship, they got

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